Independent Real-time VFX Expert / TD

My name is Thomas ICHÉ, I work as Real-Time VFX Expert in video games industry since 2008. I've built strong experience, in real-time VFX, technical art, rendering and optimization, through various shipped games, and software experience at Unity.

For 15 years, I have worked on perfecting better workflows and tools for artists, helping them emancipate from technical constraints, through knowledge and responsibility.

Nowadays, as an independent VFX Expert, I can help your team succeed in your projects.

I Can help you succeed in...

Set up a VFX Pipeline

  • Pre-production Evaluation
  • Tools & Workflow Prototyping
  • Budget Evaluation & Metrics
  • Placeholder/Base Assets Setup

Train & Mentor your Art Team

  • Performance for Artists
  • Efficient Workflow Guidelines
  • How to Run, test, and Profile on Consoles

Art/Rendering Optimization

  • Evaluate how your game runs
  • Determine graphics bottlenecks
  • Help your art team set-up optimization strategies

Author Optimized VFX

  • Prototype and Author VFX Assets
    • Textures, Flipbooks (incl. Simulations)
    • Shaders
    • Particle Systems / Meshes / Lighting / Postprocess
  • Integrate in Engine
  • Test and Profile
  • Debug and Optimize

Teach VFX at your school

I can collaborate with your school, teachning sessions and master classes about Visual Effects, Shaders, or even General Rendering & Lighting for game development on both Unity and Unreal Engine.

I have experience in the following fields

Unity - 8 Years

Video Game Production

  • Endless Dungeon (AMPLITUDE)

VFX Graph Design @ Unity Technologies

  • Workflow and Tool design
  • Projects & Demos (Spaceship, VFX Samples)
  • Tutorials and Learning material
  • Work on VFX satellite tools and assets (VFX Toolbox)
Unreal Engine - 7 Years

Video Game Production

  • Life is Strange (DONTNOD)
  • Strike Vector (Ragequit Corp.)
  • Remember Me (DONTNOD)
  • I AM ALIVE (Darkworks/Ubisoft)
  • + other internal prototypes
Skill Summary

  • Complete Real-time VFX Pipeline Mastery
    • Asset Authoring (Particles, Shaders, Textures)
    • Integration in-engine (incl. scripting)
    • VFX Tools Development & Scripting
    • Planning & Technical Management
  • Real-time Rendering Expertise
    • Profiling, Debugging & Optimization (PC + Console)
    • Technical Advisory for other Artists
  • Additional Expertise
    • Open-source Development
    • Game Development