Hello, and Welcome to VFX,

My name is Thomas ICHÉ. I am Senior VFX Technical Artist in video games industry, working since 2008 on PC and Console AAA Titles. I've got strong and solid experience in real time visual effects authoring, integration, shading, and debugging.

I have both the ability to Author Art and write code

5 Years

Currently : Visual Effect Graph Design @ Unity Technologies

  • Workflow and Tool design
  • Projects & Demos (Spaceship, VFX Samples)
  • Tutorials and Learning material
  • Work on VFX satellite tools and assets (VFX Toolbox)
7 Years

Formerly : Video Game Production

  • Life is Strange (DONTNOD)
  • Strike Vector (Ragequit Corp.)
  • Remember Me (DONTNOD)
  • I AM ALIVE (Darkworks/Ubisoft)
  • + many unannounced projects

My main domains of expertise are:

  • Full VFX Pipeline Mastery: Particles, Shaders, Animated Mesh & Texturing
  • Integration, Cinematics & Scripting in-engine
  • Profiling, Debugging & Optimization (PC, Console, Mac)
  • VFX Tools Development & Scripting
  • Simple Gameplay Development

On this website, you will find my resume, and a more detailed overview of my skills and works, including two public demoreels and a bunch of links to open-source projects.

I hope you will find your visit helpful, and if you have any questions, feel free to use the contact form in the contact section of the website.

Thomas ICHÉ